Giving Partners a Second Chance

A Dating Break


When people date someone, they look for compatibility when they consider a long term relationship. This is an important factor when a person wants to make a commitment, and they must weigh their options. Rather than settling for an available person who aggravates them, they want someone who will work with them to form a good lifestyle with a future. They are seeking a perfect partner, but many are realistic enough to know they will have to make compromises along the way.

It is often difficult to find someone truly compatible, and many people find they are frustrated by their search. They continue to date a variety of people, but none of them make the grade. Compromise is good, but many daters are seeking someone else who will do all the compromising. A single person in this situation may decide it is better to take a break, and they do this because they are becoming soured on the idea of dating anyone.

Taking a dating break does not mean a person must live like a hermit, and escort agencies are a big help with providing paid companionship. They match a client with a professional who will go out on dates, but there are no commitments. This is not a relationship matching service, nor is it a way to find a prospective relationship. The only time escorts are available to clients is during a booked session, and they leave when their work is done.

Dating breaks are good for people who want to assess their situation, and it provides them with emotional distance to decide how they want to proceed. Finding a good relationship for the future is important, but it will not happen unless a person is willing to wait for the right one to come along. An escort agency can help fill in the break time with professional companionship, and this will help ensure the break does not result in social isolation.